One of the most controversial topics of engineering is how to handle technical debt. I would like to talk about my opinion on how we can secure the time to work on this.

Technical Debt? Implement the Feature Anyway

Engineers sometimes complain that your manager or business does not understand technical debts. Stakeholders and product managers…

How does your current organization manage release? Do you have a strict release process like CAB (Change Advisory Board)? Or, you can make a release plan by themselves as long as the plan is published ahead of time? Or do you have no process at all?

I would like to…

I have been working as an architect on the current opportunity for more than one year. I am still in the process of learning. I learned one thing from the experience. That is: a job as an architect is indeed difficult because its decision-making process depends on a specific context.

Decision Made in a Context

Career and Chance

If you are a young engineer and get bugged about your career planning, I recommend you to forget about it. Because the good portion of your career depends on chance.

John D. Krumboltz and his team found that changes take an important role in a career. It’s difficult to counsel…

Yuichi Murata

Global team builder from Tokyo. Engineering manager to build international engineering organization.

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